The ecomconnect Learning Programme is designed to provide a solid foundation for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to unlock digital trade opportunities and launch their e-commerce activities.
The self-driven online training is complemented by in-person group coaching sessions, technical webinars, networking events, and access to the ecomConnect tools.

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What you will learn

Market research and strategy for e-commerce

You'll learn how to identify a market niche, characterize the target customer and define a positioning that allows your brand to connect with this customer.

Setting up e-commerce channels

You'll set up your first e-commerce channel. If you already have a sales channel, you can improve your brand presence or open a second channel.

Activating e-commerce channels

Now that you've got your first online sales channel, you need to activate the best digital marketing tactics to attract your target customers to your brand's e-commerce channel.