The International Trade Centre (ITC) and Strathmore University Business School have partnered to open a Small Business Development Centre Digital Trade Hub in Kenya, providing small businesses with the e-commerce skills, tools, and knowledge they need to expand their market reach and opportunities. This partnership is designed to foster economic growth, job creation, and regional market expansion.
The ecomconnect Learning Programme (ELP) offers access to self-driven online training, complemented by in-person group coaching sessions, technical webinars, networking events, and access to ecomConnect tools.

What you will learn

Market research and strategy for e-commerce

You'll learn how to identify a market niche, characterize the target customer and define a positioning that allows your brand to connect with this customer.

Setting up e-commerce channels

You'll set up your first e-commerce channel. If you already have a sales channel, you can improve your brand presence or open a second channel.

Activating e-commerce channels

Now that you've got your first online sales channel, you need to activate the best digital marketing tactics to attract your target customers to your brand's e-commerce channel.